Decentralization is important

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With the web being more bloated and monolithic by the day, more and more people are seeing that the state of the modern web and technology in general is a sorry one. Monopolies controlling sites where information is exchanged and crushing any account on these sites that they don't like. The solution? Decentralization! In america anything that we associate with freedom is decentralized to some degree. Our republic, the states, and our relatively free market, are all decentralized, america is decentralization! With all this freedom of choice, it's only natural to apply this to technology and the internet. Operating systems, websites, and hardware.

In my opinon the more operating systems, the better, in my perfect world, there would be an operatingy system for everyone, and there wouldn't be just one operating system with a chokehold on the market. There should be at least 4 or 5 (or more) operating systems each having around 20-25 percent of the market share. This way people feel as if they have a choice when switching operating systems. (as most feel as if windows or macos is the only "serious operating system.") This way we would have decentralization and overall a more competitive market for operating systems.

For the internet, the obvious thing for people to decentralize is websites. Instead of a facebook profile, everyone should have their own website, and use a system such as rss for viewing others posts. Nowadays, its extremely easy for someone to make a website, with no website development skill required.

Hardware is probably the best example of decentralization, there are dozens of options of laptops, desktops, phones, smart watches, and others to choose from. Many think that more operating systems would be confusting, but I disagree, in my opinion, it would be no more confusing than choosing a laptop to buy. Then again, choosing an operating system might not even be confusing because most people would just use the operating system that came on the computer, which could be windows, macos, a Linux distribution, or *BSD.

Decentralization is important, and as g said on his recent post Decentalize, Decentralize, Decentralize!