Switching from XFCE to IceWM

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In light of (not so recent) events. I have decided to switch from using xfce to a different alternative. (One without CSDs) I personally don't like mate, and xfce-classic isnt even in alpha stage yet, so what did I choose? I chose IceWM.

I had used IceWM in the past, not much as I didn't know how to customize it, but doing reasearch, IceWM is a very underrated window manager and a very powerful one. All of it's configuration can be done via the applications menu (in the preferences submenu) or through a text editor. Theres not a lot of themes, but the ones That exist are quite nice. I'm currently using Ceres pro with the adwaita-dark gtk theme, and I think they match very well.

My current Icewm desktop