Software I use regularly

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What software do I use on a daily basis? I compiled a little list, if any of you are actually Interested.

Operating System

OpenBSD, plain and simple, it's easy, it's intuitive, it's fun to use, and it gives me free cool guy points.

Desktop Enviroment/Window Manager

I'm in love with XFCE, I have never used another Destkop Enviroment and never will. I tried GNOME, I tried KDE, and I couldn't stand them, XFCE is fast, simple and can have as many frills as you want. As for window managers, I used DWM for some time, I've been trying qtile for a little bit, and Im very close to getting it usable. (For some reason I cant get sound to work.)

Web Browser

I Use firefox, it's simply the best web browser for my needs.

Burning ISO's

I use dd, its simple and you really dont need anything more.